Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-06-06

  • Stayed up too late reading again. 06:14:45
  • Wearing a skirt 4 first time in I think years. Realizing I’ll also have 2 start carrying a purse or bag of some sort. 09:40:27
  • Off to pirate fest. Not sure what to expect 10:51:01
  • We just had ice cream for lunch. Yep vacation rules r very different eh? 13:10:10
  • – Sidewalk chalk @ the ice cream shop. Asher’s ‘mushroom church’ 13:20:11
  • – Asher’s chillin w/Mr Cowles on the ‘red shirt brown pants couch’ 14:23:10
  • I have a tummy full of crab legs. THX Oma & Opa! 16:44:45
  • Another ex. Of the opposite nature of my kids. Checked on them sleeping: grace upside down, asher hasn’t moved an inch 20:38:50

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