Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-06-09

  • Trying not 2 dwell on it since I can’t do anything about but really missing @ryan_burns 05:54:42
  • @drdolly what a timely article, since I’m on the road 4 a month & it’s wreaking havoc on my back. :) in reply to drdolly 07:51:32
  • Awesome visit, got to talk to dear dear friends & snuggle cute babies. Now to begin the trek back to SC 11:18:47
  • – Not good 11:53:07
  • Driving in a rainstorm. Had 2 pull off highway 2 roll up the manual windows. Also: no A/C. Here’s hoping it doesn’t last the whole 6hrs! 12:02:22
  • Time for a pit stop. My back is killin. On the upside, the rain was short lived. 13:45:17
  • Yay, now I’m lost & phone GPS is not working. Called sprint but they can’t help me when I call from this phone 15:01:52
  • Ok let’s try this again 15:09:11
  • Lost again, got out a map & talked 2 parents again. Think I understand where 2 go now. I rely too heavily on GPS. 16:16:08
  • Finally I made it! 5.5 he drive turned into 7hrs 18:20:05

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