Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-06-13

  • having lots of fun on vacation, but unfort a running theme has been: ‘poor or not enough sleep’ 05:49:13
  • I’ve decided the problem is that I must be a princess. I think @ this point I could feel a pea through a pile of mattress. 05:50:04
  • 12seconds – Playing StarWars w/cousin Halei 05:54:16
  • 12seconds – Last one. Nother starwars vid. I find the organization interesting 06:01:12
  • – Since my kids r cereal-deprived had 2 taste each one. Asher chose cracklin oat bran. Ha! 06:28:08
  • Grace chose apple jacks. In case you were wondering. 06:44:47
  • Asher complaining about a stinky smell. The source was apparently my underarms. Uh…I guess a shower is on the to-do list 2day. 06:55:31
  • @jakebelder RT if u get a response 2 that question in reply to jakebelder 09:01:40
  • On our way 2 Orlando now. By this afternoon I will have been in the car for 26 hours the past 6 days 11:34:19
  • Asher just asked why whenever he gets cool new toys they get boring fast & he always wants more. Lord refine my heart too! 13:57:16
  • – Sweet car nap girl & her mom who looks like she needs a nap….or makeup anyway. 14:08:32
  • Unpacking in the hotel. Sweet digs. THX Oma & opa! 15:02:22
  • Ahhh will be nice to not have to open a suitcase for 4 days. Def spoiled here! 15:17:58
  • – Missing daddy @ Disney 16:29:44
  • @jakebelder we’re @ Sheraton resort. in reply to jakebelder 17:38:58
  • Pool is closed due 2 weather & i promised swimming after dinner. They’re ‘swimming’ in the garden tub instead. 17:40:09

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