Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-06-17

  • Off to the pool with the Hart’s! 08:28:25
  • Wallet is officially lost. Ugh. 11:39:23
  • Whew found wallet. 12:04:30
  • on chat w/sprint to fix the gps on my phone so i can drive to visit brother & sister in law for dinner w/o panic attacks & getting lost 12:44:50
  • i should’ve just called. chat takes forever…except oh yeah. i only have a cell phone. blurg 12:45:51
  • i officially look as tired as i feel. my parents did not disagree w/me when i stated as such. 12:48:35
  • been on chat 40min so far. all we’ve done is delete & re-add the app. same problem resulting 12:54:44
  • @Grahamfam04 lemme know how it is! i’ve been wanting to spulrge on the theater for that one. in reply to Grahamfam04 12:58:55
  • Ok after 1.5 hrs on sprint chat help I’ve been directed 2 call tech support or visit a store. Sheesh. & I need to leave in 15min. 13:42:57
  • Ok 2 hours later and we got it resolved. On our way to winter park! 14:16:46
  • On our way 2 sea Thai! 15:57:00
  • Uh phone battery almost dead. Not gonna make it home on GPS 16:29:59
  • – Stinkin cute niece. 16:39:11
  • Back to the Edwards house 4 a bit 2 borrow cell battery juice. 17:14:52
  • @philgons no pic??? in reply to philgons 18:29:57
  • @joshuamaib fixed via phone. But we’ve been told by 4 reps that sprint nav is part of our $30 data plan. Now I’m told that’s not the case. in reply to joshuamaib 19:01:28
  • Been a fun month but looking forward 2 getting home to @ryan_burns & some semblance of a routine again. Not that I’m OCD or anything. 19:15:10
  • Caught last 30min of ‘so u think u can dance’. Didn’t see anything that inspired me, but even on a dull night it’s still my favorite show. 20:03:13

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