Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-06-19

  • So nice to sleep in my own bed. I missed my temper-pedic pillow too. 09:09:44
  • opened some cabinets to discover ‘someone’ has done some organizing in my absence. i love my husband! 10:08:13
  • didn’t think 4weeks away would make THAT much difference but i literally can’t remember where pots, pans & lids are. weird. 10:28:17
  • today’s to-do list: unpack. that’s it. not even expecting to get dressed. baby steps. ;) 10:39:26
  • @drdolly got home last night & just opened the mail. listening to ellis paul w/the kids now! thx! in reply to drdolly 10:55:03
  • has anyone invented something to write notes on in shower yet? i need one if it exists. waterproof dry-erase would be great 11:56:07
  • @jjustice vinegar? i’ve already got it in the shower for my hair! heh in reply to jjustice 12:00:29
  • asher wants to buy ryan a jeep for father’s day. having a hard time convincing him we can’t. 13:26:30
  • how is it possible that i don’t own a button up sweater? 13:44:05
  • measured my hair: 4 inches to go for wigs for kids, 2 inches for locks of love. either way it will be a few months b4 i can get a haircut 16:10:10
  • Finished unpacking! Heck I even showered & got dressed today. I’m so very productive 16:42:44
  • Kids ‘made’ me take them to the playground. It’s not warm out here. And it’s June 19. Feels very strange. 17:29:30
  • – i’m just sayin’…not a June 19th outfit 17:49:55
  • Asher brought 3 swords to the playground. He’s been battling tweeners. Nice of them 2 humor him 17:54:34
  • still some pre-baked pizza crusts in freezer, so using 2 tonight. will pair it with a pint of boundary bay scotch ale. ahh…good 2b home! 18:34:53
  • cut a nice slice out of my finger…while washing the knife. can’t take me anywhere 19:25:33

One thought on “Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-06-19

  1. From Dad: Nice try, did Ryan buy the “I would love to make you a nice dinner tonight but I can’t remember where the pots and pans are”?? Thanks heavens for freezable pizza crust!