Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-06-22

  • have a blog post written in my mind spurred on my church yesterday. can’t seem to sit long enough to type it out. always the case lately 09:07:47
  • i’m making kahlua today. going to use my homemade vanilla extract instead of plain vodka 09:28:06
  • signed asher up for 4wks of soccer 2x/wk. think i’ll get away w/grace not being old enough since they’ll be practicing near a playground 10:08:04
  • 9:15: my kids just woke up. they must still be on vacation. wait…they didn’t sleep that late on vacation. ;) 10:18:03
  • from yest. sermon: “repentance is not just feeling bad. Repentance is saying, ‘I want to come home’. ” 10:53:25
  • Got most of what I needed @ a consignment store but need a couple more things. @ walmart now. Ugh. Walmart. Y do I torment myself so? 12:49:52
  • RT @harmonymatters Perfect (& pricey) chicken coop for we city mice: //oh my don’t have chickens (yet) but i’m drooling 17:10:07
  • – Grace apparently thought asher’s cow bone was snuggly 17:23:29
  • even when it’s overcooked & dry my kids ask for 2nds & 3rds of salmon. mmm….salmon…. 19:56:02

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