Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-06-23

  • Asher is starting soccer mini camp right now. He’s pumped 11:03:27
  • Asher’s so concerned about precision w/dribbling he’s hardly moving forward. Taking ‘keep it between your legs’ to heart 11:15:13
  • It’s also hotter than I expected. Poor kid is in long pants. 11:16:16
  • Just finished up. Asher is disappointed that it’s ‘just a lesson & not real soccer with winning’. Wow. Not sure where that came from 11:51:16
  • Ok he just clarified that it’s still fun though. ;) 11:51:53
  • – Asher just asked if these were his ‘sounders shoes’ 13:06:46
  • asher just asked for salad with his pizza 4 lunch. i offered nothing, was just making one 4 myself. trying 2 play it cool… 13:17:47
  • 12seconds – Proof! He’s eating salad…while waiting 4 pizza 2 cool. 13:32:28
  • the afternoon slump is hitting hard today. 15:29:05
  • although it’s not quite popsicle weather imo, asher & i just got the season’s first batch of rocket pops into the freezer. 15:47:44
  • ihate our splintery woodchip yard! grace was helping me weed & now has hands filled w/splinters 18:16:33
  • RT @ShowerThinker @Jenn_Burns You ask and you shall receive! awesome! i knew something had to exist somewhere 18:23:13
  • previous tweet led to a quick google & amazon search. as it turns out there’s a number of waterproof notepads on the market 18:31:30
  • – No worries @ryan_burns I’m sure there’ll be leftovers 4 your lunch tomorrow 18:56:26
  • off to the backyard for haircuts & the traditional post-haircut lollipop. i keep them on hand especially for haircuts. 19:21:05
  • Hmm not my best work. But not terrible. I’m not embarrassed 2b seen w/him anyway. ;) 19:50:42
  • – Kids enjoying some yummy earth lollipops 19:58:13
  • @chankilgore tell the harts, the Williamson’s & the Greene’s that burns’ say hello if u see them! in reply to chankilgore 20:02:37

One thought on “Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-06-23

  1. Glad he liked his first soccer practice/lesson. I saw the score of the USA vs Spain game and thought of you guys immediatly. Go USA!!