Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-06-24

  • grace trying to do the famous tounge twister: “peter piper picked a pile of people’s peppers” 09:08:09
  • @jjustice i know. that’s why it was funny. she changed it. :) in reply to jjustice 09:35:17
  • 2day eat @pizzazza & mention the Huckabee family. they get a % of proceeds from 2day toward long-term mission work in Zambia. 11:08:41
  • Grace asked y it’s raining. I said b/c we live in wash. Asher said ‘& there’s traffic a lot in Atlanta’. Burn! 12:02:42
  • frustrated that 1) my mood seems so contingent on weather & 2) i keep wanting 2 fix myself. ‘make’ myself be cheerful. how 2 rely on grace? 13:13:10
  • – 4 father’s day I splurged on pastured eggs. Can’t get over the color of the yolks. Yum! 13:27:13
  • – The idea of paying for this book seems ironic. Makes me chuckle 2 borrow from the library 13:58:48
  • @ryan_burns perhaps we should consider some sort of meal replacement beverage for you. in reply to ryan_burns 14:59:43
  • Need 2 buy vodka 4 vaulls extract. Really hate going 2 liquor stores w/the kids. 17:24:16
  • Not only did I get carded but he held it up to my face & asked my name. Sweet! 17:30:59
  • reminds me: haven’t had the real think in a long time, but my homemade kahlua is not so good + has caffeine so not sure when i can drink it 17:38:15
  • @marusekmi only been 2x & it’s more annoying 2 make a special trip after bedtime vs. stopping in on the way home from another errand. in reply to marusekmi 18:26:47

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