Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-06-25

  • finally got my lazy butt out of bed to run today. as it turns out i’m exactly the out of shape wuss i thought i might be. 08:28:12
  • thumbing through “the complete tightwad gazette” last night has inspired me to finally get around to checking out the “deals only” store 09:22:00
  • looks like asher might get to play soccer in the rain today 09:31:36
  • Course today it’s chilly & I put asher in shorts. I can’t get dressing weather appropriate down here. 10:47:18
  • Uh oh. It looks like asher has incited a monkey dance riot 11:35:48
  • Must be getting old. Swinging w/ Grace & now have a headache & am nauseas 11:41:42
  • ‘Deals only’= awesome deals. But I will NEVER go there w/kids again. #fb 12:28:05
  • just got a half gallon of vanilla extract put up to…uh…extract…had 2 set an ical alarm to remind me to strain it in september. 14:14:40
  • def. tweaked something in my lower back during the wimpy 2 mile jog/walk this morning. 14:20:38
  • – Asher got a letter from ‘pres Obama’. Asher sent him a drawing on inauguration day 15:51:43
  • lying on my belly on floor w/the laptop. black cat just walked up to my back door & is eyeing me suspiciously. creepy. skat cat. 21:37:27
  • in what i assume will be a slow process of making dresses 4 grace from ryan’s old dress shirts. 22:13:32

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