Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-06-28

  • @marusekmi i also recommend going grain-free 4 a few weeks 1st so your mouth can ‘forget’ what ‘real’ bread tastes like. then #gf is easier in reply to marusekmi 08:56:03
  • went 2 bed @ 9:30 last night & slept thru till 7:30. crazyness. nice! but crazy. 08:56:44
  • negatives to lyrics printed on bulletin vs. on overhead screens = hard 2 hold kids & sing @ same time, can’t clap. 16:18:54
  • positives to lyrics printed on bulletin vs. overhead screens = not much time spent staring @ the band. = less distraction. i like it. 16:19:45
  • 8.5 inches away from finishing the ‘recycled man’s dress shirt dress’ for grace & my sewing machine decided to funk out on me. arg 22:26:46

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