Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-06-30

  • – That does not look yummy. But I promise: spinach, Chard stems, strawberries, banana & orange juice = yum! 09:41:04
  • Grace’s choice phrase @ the playground: ‘I got it. I don’t need any help. I can do it myself’ 11:45:53
  • oh my. who wants 2 come over for strawberry ice cream 2nite? we just made the custard & it’s….oh…my….goodness…. 14:03:52
  • @jakebelder ha. i know, that was mean. notice i DIDN’T send that tweet to facebook, where locals might say yes & eat up all my ice cream? :) in reply to jakebelder 14:13:31
  • time 2 make shepherd’s pie. which takes FAR longer than ryan’s 5min version. if it turns out tasting the same i might use his ‘recipe’ 16:24:16
  • @jen_hunter i made my shepherd’s pie #gf & thought of you. :) in reply to Jen_Hunter 17:07:21
  • hmm…in retrospect this is a meal i should’ve doubled & frozen half. would’ve been no extra work 2 double it. oh well 17:12:29
  • Oh gluttony strikes again. Too much ice-cream. My stomach is not happy with me. 21:02:07

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