Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-01

  • Off to the bus stop for library day. Haven’t been on the bus for over a month! 11:13:42
  • – Asher Doing some investigating on the bus 11:48:13
  • picked up “animal vegetable, miracle” on audiobook @ library 2day. not sure EXACTLY what it’s about but it’s 12 discs! wow. 17:26:06
  • I really need 2 learn 2 parallel park. Humiliating ‘take 5min 2 back into a spot’ session just now 19:14:05
  • Going on date w/ @ryan_burns. Lost track of time 2day & failed to figure out where exactly. Also failed 2 wake Grace from nap until 5PM! 19:16:12
  • Went 2 chuckanut brewery4 dinner. Now mallard’s 4 ice cream. I love all the local food serving restaurants here! 20:53:21
  • Mmmm cayenne pepper chocolate ice cream. Very fun 21:10:15

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