Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-02

  • mstly love that my kids sleep late, but makes it tough & rushed when we have somewhere 2go in the morning 10:28:27
  • Think Asher is having his first scrimage 11:31:53
  • This is hilarious. Mass chaos. Picking up the ball left & right & no understanding of boundaries 11:35:20
  • RT @Logos From the Blog – The Great Bible Giveaway 15:52:16
  • attempting to rig up a laundry line in backyard. don’t tell @ryan_burns or the homeowners association 16:04:12
  • seems i need a ‘how to cook beans’ tutorial. i always either under or overcook them. today was over. mushy beans & rice for dinner. 18:32:29

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