Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-03

  • can u make strawberry shortcake w/frozen berries? i froze em all since they were on the verge of over-ripe, but now want shortcake 4 the 4th 09:49:31
  • so proud of my newly salad eating kids. as long as it has feta & craisins asher’s good to go 13:07:44
  • @ryan_burns one that makes soaked flour crusts? :) in reply to ryan_burns 13:32:47
  • – Went 2 the bathroom & returned to ‘clowns’. Should not they said ‘pizza’ instead of cheese 13:48:04
  • watering the dead flowers in the yard. kids were playing in the hose leak. “wow, you guys sure are wet”, Grace: “it is from all the fun” 13:59:57
  • bout to make bread. first time in over a month. 15:17:20
  • uh oh. i have a potentially dead kitchen-aid mixer on my hands 15:58:36
  • @ryan_burns i’ve had fellow ‘tf cooks’ say they no longer allow anything that says, “not for commercial use” into their kitchens in reply to ryan_burns 16:06:34
  • yay! let motor cool & mixer is still alive. guess it was just mad at me. for 3 years i’ve used it 4 purposes it wasn’t REALLY designed 4. 16:41:52
  • got grace up from nap. said she picked a booger during naptime but had no where to wipe, so put it back in her nose. nice. 17:40:30

One thought on “Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-03

  1. yes you can use frozen strawberies for shortcake (they will be sogy, but still good). Hee hee! in response to the nose pick… at least she did’t tell you she ate it :)! I guess she was not watching her cousin Halei (thank goodness) :).