Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-04

  • @philgons baby girl!!!! wooohooo! congrats! in reply to philgons 00:52:39
  • grace woke me @ 3:30am. now i can’t get back 2 sleep. starting to see daylight @ 4:30am. guess my 4th activities will include a nap :) 05:34:51
  • @Jen_Hunter you’re so punny. in reply to Jen_Hunter 12:54:58
  • it’s my favorite when i get side-tracked from unloading groceries to clean up a mess from leaky ground beef. 13:00:24
  • Ryan took kids out so I could nap. Feel crazy. Could probably sleep for 3 more hours. Must. Get. Up…. 16:08:05

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