Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-07

  • i just said, "rhymeded"….rhymed. sheesh 08:59:00
  • 12seconds – Asher has taken it upon himself to & #039;teach Grace to read& #039; #fb 09:46:14
  • @ soccer practice. My son is officially a ball hog. Perhaps should talk about & #039;passing& #039; 11:42:39
  • went to joe& #039;s gardens for the first time today. awesome produce! and very sweet workers. kids had fun too. 12:52:50
  • asher: 25min to gag down 2 sticks of zuchinni w/homemade ranch. grace took 5min & moved onto chard stems of her own volition. STEMS! #fb 14:09:06
  • kingsolver re: cutting food budget b4 other areas:"as a priority, & #039;makes me look cool& #039; has passed up, & #039;keeps arteries functional& #039;" 16:43:53

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