Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-08

  • got a little overzealous on the addition of beet greens & chard to this morning& #039;s smoothie. has a bit of that dry/grit feeling. mm… 09:29:04
  • 12seconds – My violent kids like punching down dough 11:28:22
  • Sprinklers running while it& #039;s raining. Arg 11:40:48
  • Asher spotted a power rangers DVD @ library. I vetoed it, & #039;I& #039;m just not ready for power rangers yet bud& #039;. He& #039;s very confused 12:24:35
  • bought a raincoat @ thrift store. it smells like smoke & i don& #039;t have enough time to wash it before the outdoor picnic in the rain 2night 13:59:02
  • i love bellingham. for every person who looks at me like i& #039;ve got 3 heads, i& #039;ve got 3 people just nodding in agreement, unphased. 17:46:04
  • arg. i mean: unfazed. that really just looks wrong to me…to think i once represented the 7th grade in a school wide spelling bee! 17:48:24
  • o wait…perhaps it was representing my CLASS in the 7th grade spelling bee. ha. no telling which is the true memory. 17:49:14
  • no help 2me here, but perhaps good 4u: RT @couponmomGet 70% off, pay $3 for $25 cert w/code SEVENTY 18:17:38
  • i just learned it only takes 30-60min to make mozzarella (from cold milk 2 mozz. on your plate). dangerous info to give someone like me #fb 22:32:17

One thought on “Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-08

  1. Hey if the mozzarella thing is real “I” would like to know that one! Yumm! I know there has to be a trick someware.