Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-13

  • need 2 call around to get my dryer fixed. times like this i wish i had a landline so i didn& #039;t have to stand outside to make all the calls 09:30:26
  • @Jen_Hunter i& #039;ve had people spell my name that way too. that & "jan" led me to introduce myself as & #039;jennifer& #039;. guess i must have an accent! in reply to Jen_Hunter 12:29:50
  • i now have an image in my head of @philgons doing some techno beatbox for @ryan_burns in their shared office. perhaps some dancing too. 12:32:06
  • – Just got back from Joe& #039;s garden. Grace is sampling the goods while I prep it 4 fridge 12:43:19
  • grace is eating raw beet sticks. can& #039;t remember what it& #039;s called so she& #039;s calling it her, "delicious stuff". 14:37:34
  • asher just said he can run 1million miles. he& #039;s now running circles in living room to show me. 17:06:42
  • playing hide & seek. grace & #039;hiding& #039; in plain view. trying 2 explain even if she closes her eyes we can see her. 18:52:17
  • my daughter cracks me up even in her sleep. 23:50:04

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