Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-14

  • another, "never thought i& #039;d say THIS on a reg. basis" quote: "Asher, she can use the force if she wants to!" 09:11:04
  • i messed up sewing a dress 4 grace. anyone know of a baby girl with a 15inch (or less) chest measurement I can give this to? #fb 09:44:32
  • I& #039;m so cold. Shouldve worn a real coat. Need 2 stop caring that locals will think I& #039;m crazy 11:22:30
  • attempting 2 make mayo so i can attempt to make potato salad 4 church picnic tomorrow. both things i& #039;ve never made. could be a bad idea 14:03:42
  • blender mayo worked! that was fun. 16:08:37
  • ithink my potato – mayo ratio is off. too much mayo. perhaps sitting overnight will soak it in? heh…no idea what i& #039;m doing here… 16:42:09
  • i retract the too much mayo concern. forgot to add the hard boiled eggs. not sure how, but seems to have helped. 16:54:55
  • got an amazon subscribe & save order listed as "expected delivery July 13". ..and listed as "item not yet shipped". It& #039;s July 14. sigh. 21:02:32

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