Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-16

  • just saw a stat that said over 90% of farms in washington are still family farms. 09:43:31
  • just realized i& #039;m an idiot. apparently most farms in the US are & #039;family farms& #039;. even some & #039;big AG& #039;. ha. 10:04:03
  • @harmonymatters sounds delicious! in reply to harmonymatters 13:06:47
  • just found a source for washington grown wheat berries at half the cost of what i was buying (& pretty sure was from montana)! 13:53:07
  • tried 2 get some pomona& #039;s pectin today. only found 1 store who carries it & they& #039;re out. 14:24:27
  • time to make some chicken & rice casserole i& #039;ve been putting off all week 16:45:46
  • almost forgot to put the chicken into the chicken & rice casserole. 17:44:24
  • listened to a french station on the way home tonight. don& #039;t know french but i do live near canada 22:55:48
  • amazon fixed my delayed subscribe & save with some free 1 day shipping. :) 22:58:56

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