Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-17

  • excedrin works really well. knocked out the headache i went to bed with an woke up with in about 20min. 09:01:36
  • kids coloring while i clean. turned around to grace with & #039;tatoos& #039; all over her face & hands & arms. i.e. colored herself w/green marker #fb 09:27:30
  • whew. it was washable marker. wiped off easy w/just water #fb 09:29:01
  • @ryan_burns darn. too late in reply to ryan_burns 09:34:55
  • now she cut a hole in her pj& #039;s. note to self: grace can& #039;t do halfway unsupervised crafts 09:38:00
  • french braided my hair, which exhausted my arms. out of shape much? 11:07:53
  • repair guy fixing the dryer. grace is alarmed, "mom! he& #039;s breaking it!!" 15:13:00
  • going to do a celebratory load of laundry! woohoo for the repair man! 15:57:49
  • messed up cutting the seam for grace& #039;s dress to put in a widening panel. However, the weird cut became an easier fix than a new panel. 15:59:48
  • @ryan_burns don& #039;t worry i& #039;m late on starting the pizza (i.e. haven& #039;t started yet) & i figured i& #039;d make 3, so yours will still be fresh in reply to ryan_burns 18:26:25

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