Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-18

  • just got back from the Boxx berry farm raspberry festival. we picked bout 18lbs! fruit leather, jam & sorbet, here we come! 15:29:14
  • super fun that i& #039;m making jam & fruit leather with my u-pick raspberries & local raspberry honey. #localfoodnerd 17:01:56
  • raspberries are super tart. couldn& #039;t do all honey @ sweetner due to expense. oh well perhaps blueberries will far & #039;local only& #039; jam 18:25:25
  • went ahead & made some cooked jam too. wish i was brave enough to attempt canning. i need to watch someone do it first (& need a pan 4 it) 19:21:49
  • mmm….raspberry sorbet 20:21:04
  • note to self: strain seeds for fruit leather. 23:11:33

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