Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-25

  • making french toast while kids read along w/audio book of "It& #039;s Me!" very cute on audio. 10:10:15
  • grace drinking kombucha: & #039;is the booger mushroom in mine?& #039;. those who make it know what she& #039;s talking about. #fb 10:55:02
  • grace is having a frizzy hair day. i have no experience with taming curly hair. 12:15:43
  • heading to the @logos company picnic! woohoo! 12:37:08
  • think i sprained my big toe. that& #039;s what i get for speed climbing in Tevas. it& #039;s also my excuse for getting smoked by the boys. 18:38:00
  • i hear thunder! haven& #039;t heard that but once i think in the past 9months! 19:08:28
  • evening rain is the best. had a great day outside, & now cozy inside smelling & listening 2 rain, while gardens get a drink. ahh…. 19:38:20
  • @philgons not sure it qualifies as a storm. thunder sprinkle maybe? then again, i lived in florida last summer. maybe this counts here. in reply to philgons 21:07:39

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