Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-27

  • looks like it& #039;s going to be a 3 store grocery shopping trip today. should& #039;ve done this yesterday w/o kids. oops. 09:54:29
  • joe& #039;s garden, costcutters, food co-op. made it back w/o incident. i have the best kids ever 12:15:03
  • bought some cocoa so i can trial a cake recipe before grace& #039;s birthday. i would like to stop the tradition of gross birthday cake flops 12:20:26
  • i& #039;ve always heard folks go on & on about arugula but never tried it till right now. wow! kinda weird that it& #039;s nutty but very good! 12:59:03
  • the kids are trying to get me to take them to Mt. Baker to go sledding since, "it still has snow on it" #fb 13:36:22
  • dehydrating greens, pulse to a powder in food processor (or blender), to sprinkle on popcorn = homemade veggie booty. 13:49:14
  • @jakebelder wow. that& #039;s hilarious in reply to jakebelder 13:53:24
  • just wanted to say @ryan_burns wore mismatched shoes out in public this morning. remembering the story is still making me giggle. 16:00:49
  • Asher& #039;s roomtime game is blending & #039;Peter Pan in Scarlet& #039;, & #039;King Arthur & his knights& #039;, & an abridged copy of & #039;Moby Dick& #039; we& #039;ve been reading. 16:41:57
  • @philgons no, he donated plasma with them. but came home & changed b4 work. :) in reply to philgons 21:25:02
  • @harmonymatters we just lamented the same problem about our entire house. perhaps i should take the laptop to the backyard eh? in reply to harmonymatters 22:36:07
  • Asher and I are collaborating on a children& #039;s book. having trouble agreeing on the storyline though. perhaps we should work independently. 23:16:34

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