Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-28

  • cooking up beans to try this cake recipe. need to get it done early before it starts getting hot up in here! #fb 09:11:00
  • @ryan_burns but didn& #039;t you see all the comments saying how awesome their cakes were?? in reply to ryan_burns 10:05:19
  • well, if the batter is any indication the black bean chocolate cake is going to be really good. 10:37:20
  • every morning i wake up with new bruises w/unknown origin. you kicking in your sleep @ryan_burns? #fb 11:20:17
  • i need to go jump in a lake. bloedel-donovan or lake padden? #fb 11:45:41
  • for the record: i& #039;m FINE w/it being hot OUTSIDE. i WANT it hot in summer. heck, it& #039;s not even HOT! it& #039;s the no a/c. makes inside very hot 11:48:11
  • i apparently don& #039;t know how to grease a cake pan. half the cake has fallen apart trying to get it out. :( 12:40:54
  • on the upside: recipe said tastes best after 8hrs refrigeration. it& #039;s amazingly moist & yummy now, while still warm. so it gets better?!? 12:41:50
  • off to bloedel donovan park to swim in the lake! 13:35:46
  • fun afternoon swimming in the arctic waters. …ok i eventually got used to it….pretty cold though. there& #039;s no winning with me. :) 17:04:28

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