Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-03

  • @jen_justice congrats!!! so happy for ya& #039;ll! :) in reply to jen_justice 12:57:54
  • borrowed a canning pot from a neighbor. going to try my hand at canning blueberry jam today during naptime 13:06:55
  • a friend let asher borrow a hand-held video game. i suspect that will be what he does for his 2hrs of roomtime. 14:07:53
  • almost ready 2 start jam for water bath canning. did i mention i have never seen this done before? the wonders & dangers of the internet! 14:25:45
  • didn& #039;t pay attention to the yield in recipe, ended up having to do 2 batches (second batch doubled) to make 6pints of jam. in kettle now! 15:32:55
  • using pomona& #039;s pectin i was able to make blueberry jam w/only 3/4cup honey. no additional sweetners. delicious! 15:38:47
  • sorry: 3/4 cup honey sweetened 5 pints worth of jam 15:39:22
  • all i did was make & can "only local ingredients used" jam, but i feel like a D.I.Y. punk rocker…masquerading as a conservative housewife. 16:08:15
  • wait. pomona& #039;s pectin isn& #039;t local. how about & #039;mostly local ingredients used jam& #039;. oops. 16:16:07
  • how in the world is it 5:45 already? #dinnerwillbelate 18:44:01
  • 4 @ryan_burns: RT @harmonymatters, @naepalm: Coding is a lot like time out. "Sit here, stare @ the wall, & think abt what u did wrong." 20:56:15
  • @harmonymatters interesting…my yahoo acct. is working fine in reply to harmonymatters 21:58:07
  • 5 more jars in the canner. i& #039;m a jammin& #039; maniac 22:03:37

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