Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-04

  • my younger sister is in the process of having her first baby this morning! #fb 08:09:44
  • grace is doing the "i love butter" dance as I butter her muffin. 09:21:19
  • sorry sally fallon. these muffins need more than a 1/4 cup maple syrup. 09:26:25
  • kids took no notice of the & #039;not very sweet& #039;, but don& #039;t like the texture of the blueberries. i can& #039;t win. puree them next time? 09:40:12
  • just found the phone # of a friend i made at a park a few weeks ago. 1) is it too late to call? 2) i don& #039;t know how to pronounce the name. 13:21:36
  • any suggestion on how to pronounce: Risë i& #039;m guessing it& #039;s German? 13:26:16
  • nevermind. i found it. thx wikipedia 13:28:47
  • text from dad. sister& #039;s about to start pushing. said she& #039;s smiling & laughing. i was confused. oh yeah, epidural! :) c& #039;mon baby madison! 13:34:05
  • my newest niece is here! (well…there…in Illinois…) 15:41:53
  • ah ha. spider monkeys would apparently not eat a toucan. thx internet for clearing that up for us. 18:32:18

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