Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-10

  • not leaving house 2day. spent the morning reading together & laundry. just now got dressed. housework & playing. that& #039;s it& #039;s 2day. 11:50:08
  • sept.& #039;s creeping up. starting to plan for fall. & #039;school& #039;, daily routine, circle time, ect. sad 4 summer to go, but looking 4ward 2 fall! #fb 12:47:30
  • finally finished listening to "the Omnivore& #039;s Dilemma". Entertaining, interesting and informative. HIGHLY recommend it. 16:47:14
  • just tweaked my back & knee. not sure how. all i was doing was making a lincoln log house on the floor…. 17:33:22
  • taste opinion: pastured chicken vs. "free range": meat: tastes like chicken. skin: holy cow amazing! fat: super yellow (a good thing). 20:20:16

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