Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-13

  • instead of "what did they say" grace asked, "what did i hear come out of their mouths?" 09:58:57
  • kept dreaming that i had cavities & cancer last night. not a restful sleep at all! 10:06:01
  • attempting to make a 1/2 gal yogurt in the crockpot today. if it works, i& #039;ll probably give up kefir. #fb 10:15:02
  • off to go & #039;hunt& #039; for blackberries around the neighborhood! 10:47:48
  • overestimated the kids walking ability. came home to grab the stroller… 11:26:00
  • @mommyknows ha. not so much being a nice mom, moreso REALLY wanting free blackberries. in fact they didn& #039;t so much want to go out again. ;) in reply to mommyknows 12:57:13
  • looking up blackberry cobbler recipes… 17:24:56
  • @mommyknows the recipe i settled on is both. in a cast iron, boil the inside part then bake the op on after. never made one before… in reply to mommyknows 17:54:04
  • seriously considering serving cobbler before dessert 18:20:48
  • imean before dinner 18:20:54
  • it& #039;s good, but a bit sad we don& #039;t have whipped cream or ice cream to go on it. 18:27:32
  • i have a really great husband 23:10:42
  • also my left arm just went numb & i& #039;m a little dzzy. not sure what that means. 23:12:09

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