Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-17

  • a wonderfully unexpected Gospel reminder this morning in my rss feed: 08:18:24
  • "Formulas do not save. Ideologies don’t either. There is only One who saves, & it is for Him we live and breathe" – Kendra 08:28:26
  • had password stealing issues recently & now can& #039;t ever remember the new one to get into our blog. arg to my memory! 08:58:13
  • oh. turns out it& #039;s my username i can& #039;t figure out. sheesh 08:59:09
  • i& #039;ve mentioned it before, but we bought a box of trashbags from costco coming up on 2 years ago….and it& #039;s not empty yet. 09:59:11
  • Asher, re: a toy that has been missing for half a day: "i& #039;ve been searching the house high & low & at last, I found it!" drama much? 10:03:51
  • @jakebelder hmm. i heard rumors that the amish friendship muffins in the bookstore have caused some to become Mennonite… in reply to jakebelder 19:57:32
  • @jakebelder sorry meant: RTS bookstore in reply to jakebelder 19:57:47
  • back from Michael& #039;s with drawing supplies. Going 2 go thru "Drawing with Children" this year w/the kids. I& #039;m learning too! 22:12:46
  • doesn& #039;t bother me too often, but sometimes, it& #039;s annoying 2b a lefty in a right-handed world. 22:26:01
  • i just noticed that I filled out some paperwork with my age as 31. jumped the gun by 5 months 22:27:09

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