Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-18

  • decided i would get up early today & do yoga. i& #039;m not very faithful to myself. another way 2 say it would be "i& #039;m lazy" 09:51:42
  • not sure how it came up, but we& #039;re having a & #039;stranger danger& #039; scenario talk. good 2 do, but i don& #039;t like it. 10:26:35
  • apparently tea + excedrin = too much caffeine. shaking like a leaf & might throw up 11:34:04
  • making & #039;fruit of the spirit& #039; trees. bustin& #039; out the hot glue gun for the first time ever. #not-a-craft-kinda-mom 11:59:44
  • @Grahamfam04 someone you know? in reply to Grahamfam04 12:05:11
  • ok, so, hot glue gun = stupid for kids crafts. they can& #039;t help. so i& #039;m doing all the work (& asher got burned) 12:12:01
  • poor right-handed asher, eating yogurt with his left hand due to the glue-gun burned fingers on his right hand. looks awkward 14:07:50
  • i& #039;m feeling sick & not up for making egg rolls planned for dinner. asher offered to make it. his menu: pistachios, chips, larabars, water. 17:41:57
  • been feeling like there& #039;s bricks in my stomach after eating. finally just ate a larabar in lieu of dinner. bricks have returned. arg. 22:23:42

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