Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-20

  • RT @ryan_burns: Need some bacon? Squeezing a Little More Money Out of Amazon 08:49:55
  • RT @ryan_burns: I love the Bible – Get a Bible with ALL the Words 08:50:10
  • cooking up oat groats for breakfast & they keep foaming over. that& #039;s what i get for not soaking them first. 09:11:23
  • grace just asked me, "do we have flowers in human ballet?" i have no idea what she& #039;s referring to or how to answer. #fb 10:30:56
  • off to the library. had 2 raid the kids piggy banks 2 pay for parking. mental note: get quarters from the bank. #fb 10:38:17
  • @mommyknows sounds oxymorons to me…kraft, health, wellness, sustainability? heh.. in reply to mommyknows 13:19:44
  • darn. i have 2 twitter accts now & accidently cross posted. won& #039;t make any sense coming from the other acct. 13:21:34
  • eating the slobberiest juicy peach i& #039;ve ever had. #freshlocalfood 14:22:01
  • just realized i forgot to get our dinner out of the freezer yesterday….wonder if it& #039;ll be thawed in time? 15:09:04
  • just finished reading & #039;peter pan in scarlet& #039; to Asher. Cried like a baby when Curly & Slightly were reunited w/mom& #039;s in the maze of regrets. 17:23:43
  • I cried that is. the significance of the event was lost on the 4yo boy 17:24:06
  • had 2 leave 4 bible study while gal. of milk was cooling in crockpot. got home = too cold. turned on to warm back up. now too hot again. 23:10:10

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