Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-21

  • RT @jakebelder: RT: @sagethefool: World according to Americans (funny map) 09:11:16
  • pretty exhausted this morning. LOTS of realistic dreams last night, feel like i lived a whole week as i slept. 09:27:03
  • @mommyknows nice! that makes you famous, right? did you feel like a professional? sounds like a fun day. in reply to mommyknows 12:53:07
  • grace just asked for help finding her other dress-up shoe b/c she needs it so she can "marry the prince". oh man. 12:58:55
  • Asher just informed Grace he can& #039;t be her prince b/c he is, & i quote, "Too violent for you" 13:01:58
  • @mommyknows cool! looking forward to reading. sorry for the sarcastic resp. yest. ha, reflex pessimism. ;) in reply to mommyknows 13:39:29
  • my son has been wrestling with his friend for the past hour. reminiscent of UFC or whatever that& #039;s called…. 15:09:49
  • My niece Reagan was interviewed by her local news today 15:26:01
  • a friend came over for lunch today & brought a dozen eggs from her backyard hens for me! 15:53:27
  • picked some @boundarybay IPA & Scotch Ale for pizza night beverages. kids get water. tough life eh? 18:23:14
  • oh no…i& #039;m doing a gluten elimination diet for myself this week. forgot beer has gluten (this beer anyway). :( 18:27:48
  • so uh…i ran out & bought a gluten-free beer (store 2 min. away carries some). yeah, i& #039;m @ryan_burns& #039; wife ;) 20:07:44

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