Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-22

  • looks like the boys win the sleep-in contest. girls are awake, boys asleep. 10:19:11
  • ah, ryan& #039;s up. so asher wins the grand prize of latest saturday sleeper. 10:25:01
  • got 1yr free sub. 2 kraft& #039;s & #039;food & family& #039; mag. last yr. the recipe ingredient lists make me gag. I am so not their target audience. 10:36:50
  • ok so asher just woke up & came running into the kitchen, "bacon!!!" i guess the smell of it cooking woke him. 10:39:57
  • i& #039;m basically doing everything BUT figure out what for dinner tonight….and the rest of the week…. 13:00:04
  • chilly today. feels like fall. 14:41:40
  • ryan & grace back from errands. asher ran to her to hug her while she shouted excitedly, "Asher!" as if they haven& #039;t seen e/o in months. 14:53:53
  • anyone know what& #039;s for dinner tonight? i can& #039;t seem to figure it out. 17:30:19
  • ok…i& #039;m thawing some chicken thighs…not sure what will be done to them or served w/but they& #039;re thawing folks. my life is so interesting. 17:34:00
  • decorating the new guest bed. i don& #039;t decorate. had an & #039;along came polly& #039; moment re: pillows & & #039;decorative throws& #039;. no clue. 21:40:52
  • in other news: we& #039;re (finally) ready for visitors. who& #039;s first?? 21:41:27
  • donvier & #039;yogurt cheese maker& #039;, why do you hold *almost* a quart of yogurt? that& #039;s not nice. 21:50:22
  • @mommyknows sweet. we have some openings in september. you can help pick apples. ;) in reply to mommyknows 21:50:52
  • RT @ryan_burns: I& #039;m the #6 website freelancer on Thats freaking rad// he said rad 22:14:06
  • yep, @ryan_burns is smokin& #039;. ..or rad… 22:19:02

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