Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-24

  • RT @javajock: Marriage is the operation by which a woman& #039;s vanity and a man& #039;s egotism are extracted without anesthetic – Helen Rowland 08:59:04
  • anyone know where one might get gallon sized glass mason type jars that don& #039;t cost a small fortune? #fb 10:57:16
  • went out for bike rides. remind me not to have any more kids till both are riding w/o help. teaching 2 @ the same time = frustrating 12:47:53
  • focusing on & #039;speaking kindly even when we& #039;re frustrated& #039; today. it& #039;s as hard for mom as it is for the kids. + side = increased prayer 12:59:09
  • just had & #039;eggs in a nest& #039; for lunch, ala: I added tumeric. yum! 13:38:56
  • going gf has messed up lunch. i usually just polish off what the kids don& #039;t finish. got half a grilled cheese staring me down. 13:43:37
  • @mommyknows i& #039;m avid about the non-existence of a & #039;magic bullet& #039; food, but w/a gun 2 my head i& #039;d say liver in reply to mommyknows 14:59:43
  • spent the afternoon babysitting at a friends& #039; house. tons of fun, but i& #039;m pooped. even well behaved 5 kids are well… 5 kids. 20:51:24
  • @mommyknows read post,comment pending. but: sweet, i& #039;m & #039;famous& #039;. ;) also: walk 2 store 2 get junkfood = brilliant. i think it balances. ;) in reply to mommyknows 21:00:11
  • i& #039;d like another glass of wine, but if i have more than 1.2 glasses @ night i wake up around 2am & don& #039;t sleep much more. what& #039;s up w/that? 21:10:56

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