Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-27

  • off to fairhaven mill to buy 50lbs of wheat 10:51:30
  • @ryan_burns are you pregnant? ;) in reply to ryan_burns 12:46:08
  • @jakebelder no, i mill my own. i just buy wheat berries. in FL i got them from a United foods co-op in reply to jakebelder 13:45:06
  • just made some & #039;fudge& #039; w/the kids. virgin coconut oil, cocoa powder, touch of honey. freeze in balls/clumps. mmm… 13:55:47
  • @mommyknows my husband complains about IE constantly. he& #039;s on a personal mission to get people to stop using it. in reply to mommyknows 14:48:58
  • got a package today that was packed w/& #039;starch& #039; packing peanuts. supposedly will dissolve in water vs. throwing in trash. interesting. 15:04:46
  • oh bummer…..i accidentally bought a 50lb bag of FLOUR…i wanted grain….ugh. 15:23:12
  • asher wants 2 send his book to a publisher (was library but i told him they get them from publishers). do i send it or tell him the truth? 16:21:33
  • sometimes Grace& #039;s cuteness is overwhelming. 17:21:28
  • my neighborhood and backyard seem to have become a yellow-jacket haven. 17:40:11
  • heading to @redrobinburgers for dinner to celebrate a neighbor friends& #039; 2nd birthday 18:17:35

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