Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-29

  • off to a & #039;rookie indoor soccer clinic& #039;. both kids get to participate today! 10:35:27
  • @mommyknows oooh, lucky charms. i used to eat the cereal first & save all the marshmallows for last. took some work, but yum. ;) in reply to mommyknows 13:40:05
  • grace is dipping her dehydrated candied pineapple in her liver pate. even i think that& #039;s gross… 13:42:19
  • @mommyknows lol! my mom literally walked uphill ( a steep one, i& #039;ve seen it) both ways to school, & came home for lunch to boot. in reply to mommyknows 13:46:55
  • @ryan_burns left a little while ago with a neighbor to watch the sounders @ a pub. #man-date 13:55:59
  • grace spent most of her time @ the (free) soccer clinic twirling. good thing she& #039;s signed up for ballet & not soccer league for fall! 14:04:03
  • RT @harmonymatters: Mt. Baker vineyards: RT @davidtraynor76: Empty wine tasting tent. Come and fill it! 14:35:30
  • just put 2 9inch cakes in the oven. cross your fingers! now on to the pink vanilla cream cheese frosting…. 15:25:07
  • btw, should i ice this today or tomorrow (serving tomorrow) 15:25:25
  • clarification: clean kitchen, then on to frosting…then clean kitchen again. i& #039;m not cooking dinner. 15:29:46
  • took a LOT of beet juice extract to get a nice pink color. worried it& #039;d taste like beets, but it& #039;s fine. pink w/o red #40, success! 16:09:59
  • stainless steel cake pan, you& #039;re fired. guess next time i& #039;ll remember to line it with parchment paper. 16:32:41
  • on the upside, i doubt my 3yo will complain about all the things i& #039;ve found wrong about the cake. 16:33:57
  • …she may be sad it& #039;s not shaped like a unicorn, but i& #039;m not ready for that level of cake baking. 16:34:57

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