Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-30

  • today my baby girl is 3! 09:20:01
  • Pop & Gigi sent grace a singing Ariel card. she& #039;s never seen the movie but we& #039;ve read books. she LOVES it. 09:59:43
  • …i predict we& #039;ll be hearing the snippet of "part of that world" non-stop until the battery dies. 10:00:15
  • grace thinks she& #039;s singing, "a pretty walk, a pretty run…." (& #039;up where they walk, ect.") 10:04:14
  • the boys are pinking up the dining room with streamers while the birthday girl sleeps. 16:24:14
  • birthday dinner is over. happy to say that the black bean flourless chocolate cake went over great. NOT a flop! :) 20:05:47
  • aww… @ryan_burns is giving the kids a bath while i clean up. #ihaveasweethusband 20:21:37
  • gonna drive down to burlington tomorrow night to pick up some free beef organ meats from a friend. Heart, tounge, liver, kidneys, oh my! 21:11:32
  • mom, i& #039;ll save the tounge for when you visit in Oct. we& #039;ll make some & #039;bologna& #039;. ;) 21:12:00
  • RT @Eglentyne: The end of an era. Reading Rainbow is finished. At NPR a sad, ironic suggestion why. 21:12:24

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