Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-31

  • @jakebelder who& #039;s the prof? sounds awfully familiar…. in reply to jakebelder 09:40:51
  • tomorrow is september & i have not completed any of the planning i was planning to have planned by september…which is tomorrow. 09:42:46
  • trying to come up with a GAPS-friendly meal plan for the week. & grocery list… 12:06:02
  • do you think peanut sauce sans garlic would even be worth it? craving pad thai… 12:08:13
  • ok meal plan & grocery list complete. but now it& #039;s lunchtime. arg. can& #039;t catch up today. 12:35:31
  • had 2 shop @ 3 different spots today. friend saved the day & took kids 4 me, then sent me home to unload b4 picking them back up. My hero! 15:29:39
  • @Pizzazza did i see you (or an associate) at Joe& #039;s Garden about an hour ago? Def. saw a pizzazza name tag while i was shopping. in reply to Pizzazza 15:30:37
  • kids having playdoh time. i& #039;m having folding laundry time. 17:19:37
  • i wash chapstick far too often. arg. 17:23:37

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