Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-02

  • trialling grainless almond meal muffins for breakfast this morning. #SCD #GAPS 08:59:11
  • arg. muffins are NOT cooking properly. (been in the oven 3x the time recipe called for & still not done in the middle) 09:38:53
  • well. they taste great & texture is not weird. but stuck to the pan a bit. 09:51:01
  • ok, i just didn& #039;t give the muffins enough time to cool a bit. second half of the pan came out fine. almond meal muffins = success! 10:05:07
  • @harmonymatters so do you cook cow tounge? what& #039;s your favorite way to prepare it? i& #039;ve always chickened out in the past & not cooked it. in reply to harmonymatters 10:07:06
  • RT @troptraditions: Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Organic #GlutenFree Coconut Flour! ENDS TOMORROW! 10:52:14
  • yay, library day! I have 2 books we got last week that I can& #039;t wait to get on the site. wonder what we& #039;ll find today? 11:03:46
  • juicing takes forever (the veg prep that is)! w/kid distractions it took almost 30min. to make an 8oz glass of: 13:34:16
  • beet (w/greens), parsley, celery, lettuce, onion, carrot (with greens), chard, apple juice. & now i get to clean it all up. 13:34:23
  • oh & my juicer gets very angry with me when i juice greens/leafy stuff. which is the bulk of what i want juiced. go figure. 13:35:50
  • think it& #039;s an afternoon tea kinda day 14:56:50
  • i enjoy rendering chicken fat as it smells like chicken soup. beef fat…nauseating. same goes for stock. i have both going at the moment. 14:59:16
  • asher just brought me a & #039;coupon& #039; (the spelling was worth reciting, but i don& #039;t have time right now) offering to clean the kitchen. 15:52:26
  • "please mama may you give me a coupon to clean the kitchen for you". was the phrasing. 15:52:55
  • can i save this till he& #039;s old enough to actually be capable of cleaning it?? 15:53:18

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