Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-03

  • fyi: i & #039;forced& #039; @ryan_burns 2 taste the almond meal grain-free (& dairy-free) muffins & he deemed it "normal tasting" & ate the whole thing. 10:03:15
  • grace just drew me a pic of & #039;sad people that became happy when they had babies & tea& #039;. #fb 10:07:30
  • i am such a spaz. and now the guy at the YMCA will know it when he checks his voicemail. 16:10:22
  • garlic free pad thai here we come….. 16:28:51
  • asher just presented me with a & #039;lord of the rings& #039; book he& #039;s literally been working on for 1hr 45min. 16:54:13
  • i& #039;m interested to hear the story behind the drawings since he& #039;s never seen the movies or had the books read to him. 16:54:33

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