Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-04

  • hey, @logos tweeps! Go check out my handiwork on Elizabeth Sanborn& #039;s toes (in CS). 10:02:18
  • having a pseudo bi bim bap (forgive spelling) for breakfast: cont –> 10:06:15
  • diced tomato, avocado, cilantro, parsley, basil, onion, seaweed, dash of habenero sauce topped w/an over-easy egg. forgot the garlic. 10:06:34
  • RT @troptraditions: Submit your own Coconut Recipes and photos and earn FREE Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil! 12:51:30
  • i jumped on the @troptraditions b1g1 free for coconut flour & gold label virgin coconut oil 2 days ago. just arrived. crazy fast shipping! 15:13:17
  • looking up recipe 4 beef heart kebobs marinade & found a homemade liverwurst recipe!! i have MISSED liverwurst since going nitrate-free! 15:44:24
  • couldn& #039;t figure out what #FF meant: food freak, following fool, funny female? ah, right. follow friday ;) thx 4 the shout out @mommyknows! 15:56:43
  • RT @marusekmi: decided I& #039;m saving up to visit @jenn_burns before january.//hooyah! (sorry. my dad& #039;s ret. army) 21:29:03
  • @marusekmi ha! the one a few days ago when i was elbow deep in beef organs in my kitchen. ha. got the marinade going 2day. kebobs tomorrow! in reply to marusekmi 21:30:15
  • @ryan_burns whatever, you know you& #039;re dying to try them. :) in reply to ryan_burns 21:38:22

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