Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-05

  • made grain-free almond meal hazelnut pancakes this morning. 1.5 thumbs up (though not as "normal" as almond meal muffins). 10:05:27
  • for things that you& #039;re going to buy regularly, amazon& #039;s subscribe & save really is a super deal. i& #039;m always impressed. 10:18:45
  • Watched "Meet the Robinsons" Last night. it was GREAT! As is the book it was based on, "A Day with Wilbur Robinson" 10:41:02
  • it would appear i& #039;ve consented to starting a bow & arrow & quiver making project. that& #039;s what i get for responding when not really listening 10:50:45
  • grace eats virgin coconut oil on a spoon as a & #039;special treat& #039;. wish i liked it like that! 11:05:24
  • ok, time for some menu planning! 12:31:33
  • it took me 1 hour to basically do 1 week of dinner& #039;s on the month& #039;s menu. ugh. mostly due to needing 4 nights of crock-pot recipes. 13:36:28
  • guess i should serve the kids lunch. hey. maybe they should get dressed too. 13:42:30
  • asher just came out of roomtime to let me know something & looked like a bonafide big kid. it was odd. 17:13:59
  • beef heart verdict: ok. not great, not gross. unless you& #039;re squicky bout organs. if so: probably gross. def. had & #039;organ meat-ness& #039; to it. 20:14:37
  • @harmonymatters esp. now that i don& #039;t have & #039;back to school& #039; stomach from it, fall is my FAVORITE season!! in reply to harmonymatters 20:47:30

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