Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-07

  • ahh…ryan woke before me & corralled the kids in the office. i slept in, made breakfast yesterday so, no cleanup this morning….ahhh…. 09:56:36
  • putting on my adidas sneakers that i& #039;ve had since July 2000. yeah…9 years. fashion cycles 10yrs right? so next yr they& #039;ll be cool again? 11:02:30
  • wait…maybe it& #039;s 20yrs. they might live that long…. 11:03:18
  • my husband is pretty amazing. not sure how he does it all….while looking so good. 14:27:47
  • bout to have lunch w/a friend in VA via skype. ok…so it& #039;s not lunch for her. but i& #039;ll be eating mine while we skype 14:44:43
  • @jakebelder would you prefer you guys? i& #039;m a big fan of ya& #039;ll for gender neutrality. ;) in reply to jakebelder 16:15:45
  • @jakebelder ah. those venues i purposely write like i talk to make it feel like i& #039;m there, since i& #039;m mostly writing for friends/fam. in reply to jakebelder 16:24:31
  • ryan found the blackberry score in our neighborhood. blackberries tonight 18:04:08
  • not sure when it started but the sun must& #039;ve gotten the memo about fall approaching. getting black out by 8pm…soon enough it will be 5pm. 21:20:39
  • wow. haven& #039;t updated my weekly routine in awhile. still have diaper washing in the chores rotation. 23:29:17

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