Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-08

  • RT @troptraditions: B1G1 FREE Org Coconut Cream Concentrate: This week only//ahh! must..resist..this stuff& #039;s CRAZY good 09:12:14
  • re-instituting circle time today! been on hiatus for the summer. this week& #039;s hymn is "praise to the lord the almighty" 09:55:09
  • very cool that i have 2 kids who can wipe themselves now. not cool that i have clogged toilets on a reg. basis now…. 10:57:42
  • drawing lesson today. working on elements of shape in an easy & #039;still life& #039;. when asher finished his he added aliens to it. 11:57:24
  • asher said my picture looked like it could be in a (children& #039;s) book. look out illustrators here i come! ;) 12:00:35
  • new post on exciting news concerning the Jesus Storybook Bible! 12:53:45
  • I have Raynaud& #039;s Phenom. ( ), seems my body thinks 69 deg. is cold enough 2 trigger it. fingers & toes are numb & blue. 13:17:10
  • read review of a book called, "start your family" sub title: & #039;inspiration for having babies& #039;. sub title gives me the giggles 4 some reason. 14:38:20
  • jokes aside, it does sound good (for the newlyweds): 14:47:15
  • sliced my finger & didn& #039;t now it. blood all over left hand side of the keyboard 15:11:56
  • little mermaid birthday card is still going strong…..& #039;wish i could be…a part of that world…& #039;. thx again pop. 16:28:49
  • my kids are pretending their kombucha is the & #039;holy wine& #039; & they are John & Peter 16:41:48
  • RT @ryan_burns: Have I mentioned I sold last week? I& #039;ll still write from time to time, but no more daily management 21:33:32
  • @mommyknows i love the click sharpies. use them in the kitchen constantly & the idea of fumbling w/a lid? never going back to lids. in reply to mommyknows 21:34:33
  • ok, ok. i& #039;ll go clean the kitchen & make muffins. geez. get off my back already clock. 21:35:09
  • speaking of putting stuff off: anyone wanna come organize my freezers for me? they& #039;re both avalanche-prone disorganized messes right now 21:37:03
  • it is finished. daily/weekly routine is on paper. now i can send the boy child to the fridge when he asks what we& #039;re doing tomorrow 23:23:45
  • ok, so it& #039;s NOT printed on paper yet….but will be as soon as @ryan_burns gets word back on his computer. 23:24:30

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