Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-11

  • mm..just discovered the leftover green oolong tea leaves from steeping my tea are chewy & tasty. 09:47:51
  • ok. rephrase: one at a time they& #039;re kinda yummy. handful @ once = bitter. 09:49:10
  • listened 2 "Miss Fannie& #039;s Hat" Having been a member of a small town church in south GA made the book extra heartwarming 10:12:47
  • sang the doxology w/the kids. asher too & maintained the harmony part for "amen". usually he copies whatever part i sing. 11:01:25
  • #FollowFriday: @sallylloydjones, @mommyknows 11:02:43
  • RT @JSBBible: win a free case of JESUS STORYBOOK BIBLE DELUXE audio ed! all U have 2 do is Tweet #JSBBible. #fb 12:09:54
  • grace just gave me a consolation prize (& #039;constawation pwize& #039;). after she won enie menie miney moe. 13:17:39
  • Cloth Diaper Tips giving away 6 bumGenius 3.0& #039;s: #FreeDiapers/i& #039;d enter but it& #039;d make me want more babies. ;) 15:08:16
  • just got around 2 brushing hair & looking in the mirror. i look really tired today. #makeupday 15:45:30
  • nothing like having people over for dinner than to inspire a clean up day. now to keep it clean until 6pm. outside we go! 16:38:35
  • RT @javajock: Driving to Abilene with my son Beau and schooling him on 80& #039;s music. // @greenroomlive aren& #039;t u abilenians into 80& #039;s music 2? 16:48:26
  • have an anti-twitter guy over for dinner. he doesn& #039;t know i& #039;m twittering right now. 20:30:04
  • got to play my flute while a friend played guitar and sang this evening after dinner. super fun. haven& #039;t & #039;jammed& #039; in a loooong time! 22:09:34
  • playing tonight had a few moments i was able 2b lost in the music. 4got how different it is 2 worship God w/instrument vs. voice. i love it. 22:18:12

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