Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-13

  • grace had to pee at 3:15am and i& #039;ve been awake ever since. finally gave up a little while ago & got out of bed. curious…. 06:06:32
  • off to read my bible. reading about the $400 blendtec blender on the internet isn& #039;t doing anyone any good. 06:22:53
  • puttering…can& #039;t do the productive things i& #039;d like to since that would wake everyone else up…. 07:39:27
  • speaking of : best to do & #039;juicing& #039; 1st in the morning. b4 breakfast. too bad the juicer sounds like a jet plane landing in the kitchen. 07:42:22
  • huh. i think i like leftover shepherd& #039;s pie made w/cauliflower mock tatoes than real mashed potatoes. 12:50:24
  • supposedly pms chocolate craving = need calcium/magnesium. but i do not crave broccoli, which also has those things. 14:03:26
  • suddenly nauseous & exhausted. waking @3am catching up w/me. on upside: get 2 go 2 a neighbor& #039;s party where we don& #039;t know anyone in a bit 15:33:25

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