Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-14

  • @jakebelder for future electrolyte fueling while sick, i highly recommend coconut water. natural, not laden w/sugars & effective. :) in reply to jakebelder 09:03:52
  • @jakebelder not sure. def. @ natural ones. i like to keep an aseptic box on hand & #039;just in case& #039;. read labels on cans might be sweetened. in reply to jakebelder 09:10:55
  • going to take advantage of the kids sleeping in & take a shower. 09:16:52
  • grace, "mom, did u know Jesus can save your life and you from being angry at your children?" – indeed. #fromthemouthsofbabes 09:59:32
  • asher: "mom, more bread with butter and yolk on it please. ….oh, and P.S. more salt also". 10:18:22
  • almost set my juicer on fire trying to juice carrot greens. really need to stop using my appliances for things they weren& #039;t designed for… 13:45:49
  • also need to stop adding garlic to my veggie juice mixes. my chest is burning. makes it not enjoyable to drink. 14:02:51
  • ok gonna try food recycling program again. have a new storage system set up. we& #039;ll see if it& #039;s better @ deterring fruit flies & stench. 14:05:30
  • RT @greenroomlive: is checking out my wife& #039;s latest Squidoo page corn casserole would be me. i feel famous. ;) 15:29:32
  • hm…surprised bio bags aren& #039;t on amazon subscribe & save. 16:01:01
  • i& #039;ve had & #039;gift of finest wheat& #039; stuck in my head since communion yest. #myfavoriteCatholichymns 16:29:22
  • no garlic forced me 2 make chili powder. made huge batch last year & love it. use it way more now than i ever did. well worth the time. 19:10:23
  • PSA: make sure you label leftovers in the freezer. black bean, chicken & HALIBUT soup is a bit weird. supposed 2b all chicken…. 19:42:39
  • re: @mommyknows req: loosely based off this alton brown recipe (loosely due to the large amt i made & lost count) 20:01:00
  • oh & it did note ever become a & #039;fine powder& #039; in my blender. still tastes great as powder & flakes mixed though. 20:02:04
  • holy moly! working on a blog post or 3….look at my watch…where did 9pm go?? how is it 10? 100% thought it *might* be 9pm right now. 23:04:34

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