Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-15

  • a friend offered to take my kids for the morning. i& #039;ll have 4 hours: organize pantry, batch cook breakfasts, tackle the freezer? 09:21:19
  • wait. probably 3 hours. SO thankful for friends! 09:21:51
  • asher& #039;s showing grace how to lay eggs. apparently the most important part is making sure your legs are completely hidden under your body. 09:54:34
  • dropped kids off @ friends& #039; house. they unloaded 5 duck eggs & a 5lb zuchinni on me. i weighed it myself. 5lbs. massive. awesome. 12:07:31
  • braid challa & set to rest for 2hrs. make coconut flour zuchinni muffins, laundry, clean, organize pantry. and…GO! 12:21:16
  • right. challaH. 12:21:52
  • never used duck eggs b4: beautiful! crystal clear white & lots of it. massive dark orange yolk. can& #039;t believe she just GAVE me these! 12:49:04
  • coconut flour zuchinni muffins in the oven. now on to almond meal zuchinni muffins 13:01:49
  • Dear stoneware muffin pan, pls cool off faster &/or let go of my muffins so i can cook the next batch. thank-you. love, Jenn 13:50:38
  • @rhiamom nap? i& #039;m confused. what time is ithere? aren& #039;t you in asia? in reply to rhiamom 13:59:50
  • t-minus 20min b4 i go pick up my kiddos + an extra 4yo boy. looking forward to the afternoon w/them. very productive morning. 14:43:02
  • RT @The_Proclaimers: @the_proclaimers We are giving away 2 free tickets to see the Sep. 22nd show in Seattle! RT this to enter-to-win / wow! 19:57:05
  • @rhiamom ryan has snow leapard & i don& #039;t as well. :) in reply to rhiamom 20:01:17
  • struggling 2 not eat the challah. 1st time i& #039;ve nearly caved to gluten…must…remain…strong…. 20:13:03
  • really hungry. late dinner. but pretty sure my eyes were bigger than stomach. 3 eggs over a bowl full of sauteed zuchinni w/seaweed. 20:22:33
  • looking @ pics of my niece & wanting 2 bite her nose & chew on cheeks. lucky she lives far away or Aunt Jenn would be all up in that mix. 22:56:18

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