Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-22

  • ahh the evils of & #039;king corn& #039; abound. that& #039;s why i& #039;m torn about & #039;zero waste& #039; containers. article via @harmonymatters: 08:48:29
  • Lord let your word be the lamp to my path today feel like i& #039;m fumbling in the dark lately. 08:58:29
  • just realized my little girl has her first ballet class this saturday. 09:25:48
  • whoa. asher just asked why eggs can only make chicks if there& #039;s a rooster around. thankfully happy w/the non-detailed answer. 09:45:57
  • grace& #039;s princess dress is getting glitter everywhere 11:32:52
  • had a great drawing lesson! kids had their eyes & ears turned on today. #monart-at-home 12:47:14
  • @mommyknows nice fish! impressive, def. fridge-worthy. :) all i seem get around here are battle scenes w/ decapitations. in reply to mommyknows 14:26:23
  • dishwasher is on the fritz. washing lunch & breakfast dishes by hand right now. i suppose it& #039;s building character or something…. 14:51:14
  • grace is pink from head to toe but seriously sad that she doesn& #039;t have pink skin. 16:22:49
  • making some halibut & #039;fish sticks& #039; w/almond meal tonight. new recipe. sounds good. we& #039;ll see! 18:22:08
  • fish was overcooked/dry but otherwise very good! did half in almond meal, half in coconut flour. 19:50:21
  • nixed joint baths due to modesty issues, but 2 baths is such a waste of time & water = only showers = sad kids. #meanmom 19:53:31
  • have a LOT of fried fish leftover here. really sad that it& #039;s very dry fried fish as that& #039;s not going 2 make great leftovers. sigh. 20:35:54
  • dishes (by hand, whine whine), stuff, read up on making a bow & arrow. should& #039;ve pawned THAT off on @ryan_burns 20:39:13
  • RT @ryan_burns: My Latest Post: Read and Share Toddler Bible Review //i agree wholeheartedly w/the review 22:46:07

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